Residents in Richmond, VA No Longer Need to Panic When it Comes to Head Lice

Residents in Richmond, VA No Longer Need to Panic When it Comes to Head Lice

Located at Lice Happens is a mobile lice removal family service center serving Richmond, Henrico County, and Short Pump, VA (804) 495-5426,-78.6144463,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b1138b4b334129:0xfd2b5b8a935c6ed4!8m2!3d37.5610869!4d-77.493145?hl=en

Lice Happens offers private and confidential services. Specialists arrive in logo-free vehicles with everything they need to eradicate head lice. Their mobile clinics travel directly to the families they serve. Specialists will screen each member of the family, checking for head lice. Once those members suffering are officially identified, the Specialist will begin the treatment process.

Treatments are safe and gentle. They are non-toxic, pesticide free, and environmentally friendly. Most importantly, treatments are effective after the first use. There is usually no need for repeat treatments. After treatment is applied, the Specialist will use a fine toothed metal lice comb to remove nits and lice from the hair. These methods are gentle.

While in the home, the Specialist will educate the family on proper lice combing techniques, how to screen for lice in the future, and myths vs. facts that surround lice. Cleaning strategies and techniques that most people think are necessary may not be. Lice Happens will educate families on the next steps to take to completely eradicate lice from their lives. They say, “any louse found off a head is in the process of dying.” This company also gives families the tools and education necessary for avoiding lice infestations from happening again in the future.

Lice treatment and removal services are available to families in the areas of Richmond, Henrico County, and Short Pump, VA seven days a week. Appointments and emergency lice removal services are available. To learn more about Lice Happens, visit their website or their Google+ page at

About: Lice Happens is a mobile lice removal family service center serving Richmond, Henrico County, and Short Pump, VA

Address: 49 Malvern Ave, Richmond, VA

Phone: (804) 495-5426

Contact: MJ Eckert or Nancy Fields

Keywords: Lice removal, kid friendly, private lice treatment, nits, eggs, louse, clinic, professional+

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Lice Happens - Lice Removal and Lice treatment Western New Jersey


Western New Jersey now has mobile lice removal services available through Lice Happens, a company dedicated to helping families eradicate lice in a natural and safe way. Lice Happens serves the Western New Jersey areas of Whitehouse Station, Sparta, and Hopatcong.

Jan Cooper, a trained lice removal Specialist and leader of Lice Happens Western New Jersey, enjoys helping families find peace in a stressful scenario. She says, I am able to turn what seems to be an awful situation into one that is not only manageable but empowering. This company knows that nobody is to blame for an infestation and their Specialists are practiced at putting a familys mind at ease and at treating children with soothing and calming techniques.

Treatments are provided in the privacy of a family home, not publicly. Specialists arrive to the home, on time, in logo-free vans. Treatments, unlike conventional over-the-counter therapies, are safe, non-toxic, and effective. Lice Happens also understands that lice never come at a convenient time and will not take advantage of your wallet nor your frazzled state-of-mind!

Treatments include manual checking of the hair and scalp for each family member. Once examinations are complete, the Specialist will apply topical non-toxic lice treatment to the hair. Fine combing removes eggs (nits) and lice from the hair. This process is the gold standard for lice removal. The Specialist will also train parents on proper screening techniques for the future.

In addition to teaching screening techniques, Specialists with this company also provide education on what is and isnt necessary when cleaning to remove lice from the home, linens, clothes, and household items (such as brushes) dispelling myths and providing only facts about lice. They also teach their clients tips on how to prevent future lice outbreaks from occurring.

Lice Happens is kid-friendly and all treatments are gentle and of salon quality. Emergency lice removal services as well as appointments are available 7 days a week.

To learn more about Lice Happens visit their website at their Google+ page at

About: Lice Happens is a mobile lice removal service located in Western New Jersey

Address: 80 Carrar Dr, Watchung, NJ 07069

Phone: (908) 666-2840

Contact: Jan Cooper

Keywords: Lice removal, Western New Jersey, private lice treatment, natural, kid friendly

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Chiropractors in Salem, OR

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If you are looking for a chiropractor in Salem, visit Dr. Owen at Healthy Back Chiropractic

1880 Lancaster Dr. NE, Suite 107 Salem, OR 97305 (503)-589-0700

While there are many causes for headaches, and different levels of severity in their overall level of discomfort and debilitation, there can be no question that every headache sufferer would like to find the so-called "magic bullet" to rid them of headache pain forever!However, drugs can be both dangerous and - in many cases - habit forming. Other forms of standard medical treatment can vary in efficacy for many headache patients. One specialized form of alternative treatments that can offer people both relief and prevention from headache pain is a series of visits to a Doctor of Chiropractic! If you are based in Oregon then chiropractics in Salem would give you the best services.

Chiropractors in Salem will treat your neck and back pain since their training focuses largely on the proper alignment and manipulation of the spine. Since the spinal cord runs directly up the back and neck, it makes sense that the treatment of headaches (located as they are at the very top of the spinal cord) will often fall directly into the therapeutic domain of a trained chiropractor.

Chiropractors in Salem study for many years to perfect their hands-on treatment of the neck, back, and extremities and to be able to treat headaches as well as other painful maladies of the musculoskeletal system.A visit to a practitioner of Chiropractic in Salem is simple, and it is often also covered by health insurance coverage. In any case, the initial examination by a chiropractor will get a proper medical history from the headache sufferer. This will help to rule out any more serious root causes of frequent headaches, and also allows the chiropractor to become more aware of and familiar with the individual patient's background and overall health.

In addition to a serious of questions and a physical examination of posture, bones, and musculature, the chiropractic staff in Salem will also complete a set of radiographs (or x-rays) in order to let the chiropractors examine the bones fully. With a careful and detailed review of this information, the chiropractors then meet the patient to talk about the findings and determine the best course of treatment in the patient's individual case.

The series of treatment modalities utilized by chiropractors in Salem,OR are non-invasive and offer relief through natural means. These may include direct, hands-on manipulations of the cervical (or neck) and thoracic (or back) regions, as well as muscle work and even spinal decompression therapy. All of these elements and more can work together to free patients of their headaches and many other health woes, in many cases doing so completely without the need for drugs and surgeries.

Another important part of chiropractic care in Salem and one that is unfortunately often completely overlooked in modern medical care is a renewed focus on preventing problems before they ever affect health, to begin with!

Think about it - if your medical professional took the extra time to help you actually to prevent headaches from ever occurring, how much would that affect the overall quality of your life? Would it make a difference in your work? Would it help free you up for some of your favorite recreational activities? Would it improve your family life?Freedom from headache pain can make a lot of things better give a doctor of Chiropractics in Salem a call today to see what he or she can do for you!

Contact Dr. Owen at Healthy Back Chiropractic 1880 Lancaster Dr. NE, Suite 107 Salem, OR 97305 (503)-589-0700 today!

Call 303-642-0749 Lice Removal and Treatment Boulder, Co


Call us @ (303) 642-0749 to get rid of lice in the Boulder area today! We are a mobile lice removal salon available to help you any time you need us! We can handle any lice emergency!

Lice are parasitic insects that are found on the human head and body including pubic area and survive by feeding on your blood. There are three types of lice that live human:

Pediculus humunas corpos- they are found on the body and clothes;

Pediculus humunus capitis- found on the head;

Body lice are the most common and can spread diseases.

Lice are not spread by cats, dogs or other pets but through person-to-person contact. Unfortunately, getting rid of lice can be overwhelming and a daunting task, bearing in mind they effects they can have on your health and the health of your loved ones. It can affect your family in different ways, including poor self-esteem, diseases, or disrupt your normal daily routines with missed days of work and school, just to mention a few.

However, with professional lice removal services, you can get rid of lice hassle free. Having been providing lice removal services for years, they are highly experienced to guarantee 100% satisfaction within a single visit. With professional services, from Lice Magic, you will never struggle with lice again. They provide mobile lice removal services; technicians will show up immediately with all the equipment. Call them today!+

Our location: Lice Magic LLC - 16903 Highway 119, Black Hawk, CO 80422 303-642-0749

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